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"Even though it has been a week since the course was held, I am still getting positive feedback! They are thanking me for [bringing her] to Jaguar Cars." ~Tom Mustac, Jaguar

“It was quite evident from your polished performance and presentation that many hours of preparation were logged; that you knew your subject thoroughly; that you were at “guarded” ease, and that you had had mastered the art of rapport and that your carriage, dress and demeanor were all outstanding.” ~ E.Owen Clary, Aiken SC

“I would strongly recommend your message to anyone who must deal with stressful conditions on a daily basis. Thank you again for the professionally delivered information.” ~ Cathy Wagner, Brookshire Grocery Company

“My people came to me and thanked me for putting on the seminar. They applauded Tamara for her caring, respect and her expertise. Tamara was wonderful and I just can’t say enough. We all learned a lot.” ~Deborah Petell, Vermont Agency of Transportation

"You are energetic and exactly what people need to SEE and HEAR to keep an audiences undivided attention." ~ Anonymous, Van Nuys, CA

"Tamara is motivating and dynamic. She presents her subject with knowledge and feeling, communicates well with her [audience] and is a credit to her profession.” ~Herb Wooding, Allentown, PA

“Tamara is an energetic speaker who has a natural delivery and easy to identify with. The positive remarks received in the confidential evaluations were overwhelming; A clear sign of her strength in communication." ~ Ruth Quinto, Moreno Valley, CA

“Tamara instructed three separate classes, each participant in each class commented highly and several participants commented on how much fun and informative her sessions were. Each participant came away very motivated and with ideas on finding ways to alleviate stress. My department was completely satisfied with the overall presentation of the class and her as the presenter.” ~ Harold Hodges, Police Department, Richardson, TX

“Successfully walks the tightrope - not an easy thing to do with a British audience.” ~A Roberts, London, UK

“You have such a great outlook on things and such a fantastic personality and sense of humor. You would be an asset to any company.” ~ Sincerely, a totally burned out mortgage banker in Las Vegas who finally got some personal enjoyment out of something.

“Tamara is excellent. I looked forward to what was going to come out of her mouth. Balance of sensitivity and humor. Would love to have her as a mentor.” ~Maureen Dyar, MI

“The zeal was expressed beautifully with a smile; the knowledge displayed was delivered in a manner where we could interact with comfort. It was fun!” ~Patti Kelly, GA

“I enjoyed your talk so much. My husband passed away recently – your suggestions already calmed my heart. Thank you!” ~Barbara Ritchie, MI

"Tamara was very upbeat and energetic, good delivery and good confidence”. ~Courtney Keys, TX

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