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Empowering, Equipping and Encouraging Women to Thrive, not Just Survive!  

Women facing a health crises, family issue or financial devastation will appreciate hearing Tamara speak. Through the sharing of her own story, Tamara encourages and equips women to thrive not just survive. For more than 30 years Tamara has been encouraging audiences throughout the United States and around the world. As a motivational speaker, and inspirational retreat facilitator, Tamara delights her audiences, while equipping them for change.


As a cancer survivor herself, Tamara has authored the inspirational and delightfully uplifting book, Pink Lemonade. All who read her inspirational journey back to health, can share in her victory, and be inspired to overcome their own battles and challenges.

Written not only for the woman recently diagnosed, but for the ones who love her, and want to support her in the best way possible.  

Join her as she takes life’s lemons and “stuffs them in her bra!"

 What people are saying:


"It educates members of your family who may not understand as much about the chemo or radiation treatments (and the side effects) or the emotional impact on your mind and concentration - - if I tried to explain things that you wrote about {she}sic. wouldn't "believe me" -but then after she read the book we talked, thank you!" ~Mary Beth, CT     

"After five years in the making, her first book titled "Pink Lemonade" was released this month. Although, she's promised me a signed copy, I couldn't wait, and so I downloaded the kindle version and read it out loud to my family on our road trip home from California. It was such an amazing recount of her journey that had my family crying, laughing and truly engulfed by her story. This is not just a book for women or those affected by cancer, but for anyone who could use an uplifting, easy read that is not only educating but pretty darn funny too. She really does know how to turn lemons into lemonade!" ~Peronna, OR

“Successfully walks the tightrope - not an easy thing to do with a British audience.” ~A Roberts, London, UK

“Tamara is excellent. I looked forward to what was going to come out of her mouth. Balance of sensitivity and humor. Would love to have her as a mentor.” ~Maureen Dyar, MI

“My people came to me and thanked me for putting on the seminar. They applauded Tamara for her caring, respect and her expertise. Tamara was wonderful and I just can’t say enough. We all learned a lot.”

~Deborah Petell, Vermont Agency of Transportation

Channel 7 Morning Spot

Book signing Promo

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Pink Lemonade at the 2014 Komen Race for the Cure in Newport Beach, Ca

Laguna Beach KX93.5Fm

Radio Interview

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"You are energetic and exactly what people need to SEE and HEAR to keep an audiences undivided attention." ~ Anonymous, Van Nuys, CA

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